The world has changed. We no longer anticipate for the future; rather we live in the future.
And what the future holds? Nothing more and nothing less of the innovations we have to offer today!
Eplan Consultants is one of those companies that operate in the present and live in the future.
A cloud service provider based in Cyprus, not limited only to the region, with top-notch solutions for organisations who wish to take a leap forward with their digital transformation.
With products such as Google Workspace, Odoo and Zoho, ePlan is creating a tech narrative in several industries, with the aim to help companies navigate this “turbulent” digital landscape of today.


We think in the cloud, we work in the cloud!

A change is always challenging. Especially in the world of cloud computing! Eplan Consultants is here, offering guidance and services that will take you through your Digital Journey. Just like the earth needs the rain and the mountains need the snow, we stick with you for the long-run, making sure your organisation lives and breathes digital.

We Advise:

On how to keep a competitive edge when you use our services and how to plan ahead to a road that is smooth and clear. We offer strategic assessment and we give you a roadmap that puts everything into perspective!

We Migrate:

If the plan ahead is clear, you don’t need to worry about the migration of your operation to the cloud. We do the heavy lifting for you through our efficient and immediate actions, ensuring absolutely zero downtime for your company.

We are always here:

To support you in the present and the future. As we have been there from day one of your digital transformation! We listen to your feedback and optimise accordingly so that your operations run seamlessly and uninterrupted.


Technology at its best!

What is the right tool for your business? We can’t answer that here! Take a dive with us to choose what works best for your organisation and we will make sure to honestly fill in the gaps!

The familiarity you sense with Google Workspace is not for random reasons. The tools that today are considered to be an extension of our arm, are smoothly integrated with the business solutions your team needs, all in one place. And with the arrival of Google Gemini for Workspace, you can grow even bigger, harnessing the power of generative AI. 

It’s not about power and possibilities. It’s about the fact that one platform can take you beyond and beyond, to goals you have not yet set!
Odoo offers business apps for CRM, eCommerce, accounting, and more, fully integrated and adaptable for businesses of all sizes. Odoo offering can be on SaaS model or PaaS model, based on an open-source technology that has created a vast global ecosystem.

Zoho is a unique and powerful software suite, able to transform the way you work overnight! This solution,crafted meticulously for enterprises grand and petite, has created a diverse system of SaaS applications around Zoho CRM that can streamline all your business processes.



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