8 tips for online success

8 tips for getting it done when working from home

While Cyprus and the whole world has to work in ….coronavirus conditions, many businesses -including ours- started working from home schemes. In this post, we write how can we help ourselves and our team to work remotely, using the G Suite platforms tools.

What’s new in G Suite – July 2019

Advanced Protection Program for enterprise beta, making Google Voice easier to use on your computer, Request and review formal document approvals with a new beta and more!

5 things that make a team impactful

The five keys to a successful Google team

Google’s study, based on data analysis, found that teams work best when their members feel like they can take risks, can count on each other, have clear goals and believe their work matters.

Four signs you’re wasting time at work and how G Suite can help

Original article from Google Blog here. We all waste time at work, whether it’s on purpose (brushing up on Wonder Woman’s history) or on accident (really should have budgeted more time for internal reviews). Luckily, G Suite can help you accomplish more at work, quicker. Here are four tell-tale signs you’re spending time on the … Read more

What’s new in G Suite – January 2019

Analyze hefty data sets with BigQuery and Google Sheets | A new look and feel for Gmail on mobile | Updated roadmap for classic and new Google Sites SEE WHAT’S NEW

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